Executive Family Room

For travellers within the Armidale area looking for affordable Armidale accommodations, Club Motel Armidale would be your best bet. Club Motel Armidale is located near the heart of the city centre, bringing in the perfect blend of busy streets, establishments, and relatively tranquil and quiet sites.

If you want to go out or eat out with your friends and family, you can simply walk to the CBD Mall, Coles Plaza, Twin Cinema, and other cafes and restaurants available around the area. Afterwards, you can retire to your motel room and sleep the night away.

Club Motel Armidale’s Family Room

The Executive Family Room is one of the largest rooms available at Club Motel Armidale. This room can fit in four people at most, featuring one Queen-size bed and two single beds. For a family of four or a small group of friends, the Family Room at Club Motel Armidale would be the best room for you. This room comes with a large ensuite bath and shower.

Here at Club Motel Armidale’s Family Room, you can be sure that your room is clean and tidy all the time. Our soft mattresses, cool linen sheets, and assorted pillows all come together to give our guests one of the most comfortable overnight experiences of their lives. For further room requests, guests are free to call and ask assistance from the front desk.

To elevate our guests’ Armidale motel experience, we have equipped our rooms with temperature control devices like evaporative air conditioning units and additional radiant heaters. No matter what our guests’ ideal room temperature is, they would be able to feel comfortable with our rooms’ features and amenities. While spending time inside the Family Room, guests can use the room’s radio unit, HDTV with Austar TV channels, or even log in to Club Motel Armidale’s wireless broadband.

Family Room

Guests who want easier access to food and drinks will have the time of their lives with our tea and coffee facilities, kettles, toasters, and microwave oven units. They can also make use of the hairdryer, iron and ironing board, alarm clock, and other similar items available inside the Family Room. Clearly, whatever it is that you need to feel comfortable and at home, Club Motel Armidale would be able to give it to you.

Club Motel Armidale’s Family Room is the Ideal Armidale Accommodation

Let your family experience comfort and relaxation with Club Motel Armidale’s Family Room offer. The various features, facilities, and available items per room will certainly make sleeping at Club Motel Armidale an unforgettable experience for you and your family.

For enquiries about our vacant rooms, call (02) 6772 8777 or email clubmotelarmidale@gmail.com. Book your room today!