10 Things to do in Armidale during Spring

November 20, 2017 Spring in Armidale

Spring season is a great season in Armidale for tourists and locals alike. Exploring the picturesque city of Armidale during spring is definitely a great idea for those looking for some rest and relaxation. Located in New South Wales, it is a bustling town with so much to offer to curious explorers and tourists alike. […]

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Some Historical Facts about Armidale

August 26, 2017 Armidale History

Now that you’ve booked your Armidale accommodation with us, it’s high time we talked a little about this gem of a city. Armidale is now known as a cosmopolitan city nestled in NSW halfway between Brisbane and Sydney. But before it has developed into what it is today, Armidale had a colourful past. What started […]

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Best Restaurants to Try in Armidale

April 3, 2017 Travel tips

Find the best restaurants in Armidale, all accessible from your motel accommodation. Whether you have booked your Armidale accommodation already or you are still in the process of planning for the trip, it is good to know which restaurants are regarded as the best places to eat in town. From calm morning coffees to night […]

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Tips for a Road Trip to Armidale

March 15, 2017 Travel tips

Your next road trip to Armidale is going to be classic when you take note of these tips and hacks. With its vastness, there is no doubt that Australia is one of the best places for road tripping. If you are planning to visit Armidale on a road trip, you are sure to find the […]

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