Disabled Room – Queen Twin

It is definitely challenging to find accommodations in Armidale that make serving people with disabilities a priority. Thankfully, here at Club Motel Armidale, we have several rooms that are disability-friendly, and we have made it logistically easier for our guests with disabilities to gain access to ramps and parking facilities.

Since Club Motel Armidale is situated near the city centre of Armidale, our guests would also have an easier time roaming around the area without necessarily wearing themselves out. Popular hangouts such as the Twin Cinema, CBD Mall, and Coles Plaza are all located within walking distance of Club Motel Armidale. To guests who need Armidale accommodations with disability access, Club Motel Armidale offers our Queen Twin Room with Disability Access room.

Disabled Room – Queen Twin at Club Motel Armidale

The Disabled Room – Queen Twin is a room at Club Motel Armidale that can fit in three people at most. This room features one Queen-size bed and one King-size single bed. Here at Club Motel Armidale, we understand that the comfort of our guests, especially those with disabilities, must be protected at all costs. That is the reason why we have made disability-friendly facilities and why we continue to offer extremely soft, smooth, and cool mattresses and linens. An assortment of pillows can also be found in this room. All of our rooms in Club Motel Armidale have temperature control items like evaporative air conditioning and extra radiant heaters. These pieces of technology make it possible for our guests to find the perfect room temperature, making it easier for them to sleep soundly at night. Guests can also find radio units, HD TV with Austar TV channels, and wireless broadband inside the Queen Twin Room with Disability Access.

Apart from these features, Club Motel Armidale also has several items that would definitely enhance the experience of our guests. If you are hungry, you can use the room’s tea and coffee facilities, kettle, microwave oven, and toasters. Guests can also use other items like the alarm clock, iron and ironing board, hairdryer, and other similar items to make their motel stopover easier.

Queen Twin Room with Disabled Facilities

Accommodations in Armidale with Club Motel Armidale

Club Motel Armidale’s Queen Twin Room with Disability Access makes it easier for people with disabilities to find a lodging service that is ready to serve and accommodate them. Feel at home at one of Armidale’s premier Armidale accommodations. Contact us now to know more about our company and on how we can help you.

For further questions and enquiries, you may reach us by calling (02) 6772 8777. You may also send us a message through email by contacting clubmotelarmidale@gmail.com.