Executive Twin Motel Room

Explore the beauty of Armidale and nearby cities while staying at an affordable, centrally located Armidale accommodation.

Club Motel Armidale understands that many accommodations in Armidale are off many traveller’s budget. To address the need for convenient and affordable Armidale accommodations, we are offering motel rooms that are clean, comfortable, safe, and reasonably priced. If you are looking for a room that can accommodate 2 to 3, Club Motel Armidale’s Queen Twin Room will be a good fit for you.

Executive Twin Room at Club Motel Armidale

tv desk and kitchen area

The Executive Twin Room is a room that features one twin-size bed and one queen-size bed. To a family of three or to a group of friends, the Queen Twin Room would be the perfect option.

The mattresses and linens in Club Motel Armidale are constantly maintained, and you can be assured that these are always clean, spotless, and fresh. To make you feel more at home, we have also placed an assortment of pillows in each of our rooms. Whether it be summer, spring, winter or fall, every room in Club Motel Armidale would be able to give you, your friends, or your family a good and comfortable experience. We have extra wide radiant heaters and an evaporative air conditioning in each room. These features ensure that the temperature in the room would not reach chilly or incredibly hot extremes.

The Executive Twin Room has heaps of features that enhance the overnight experience in this motel. For fun and entertainment, you can use the flat screen television installed in the room. We also provide wireless broadband access to our customers. Whenever you feel hungry, you can use the mini refrigerator and the microwave to heat your food up. You can also quench your thirst with our tea and coffee-making. Apart from these features, we also offer iron and ironing board access, hairdryers, guest laundry, and full size bath and shower for our customers.

Welcome to the executive twin rooms at Club Motel Armidale


queen twin room queen bed and king single


bathroom for queen twin

Get a good nights sleep at Club Motel Armidale

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Get the Best Accommodations in Armidale with Club Motel Armidale

Above everything else, we want all of our customers to feel relaxed and comfortable in each of our offered rooms. With the Queen Twin Room, you can be sure that you, your friends, and your family can have everything you need in order to get a good night of sleep.

For questions and enquiries, fill out our contact form or send an email to clubmotelarmidale@gmail.com. You may also call us at (02) 6772 8777. Contact us now to know more about what we can do for you!