10 Things to do in Armidale during Spring

10 Things to do in Armidale during Spring -
November 20, 2017 Spring in Armidale

Spring season is a great season in Armidale for tourists and locals alike.

Exploring the picturesque city of Armidale during spring is definitely a great idea for those looking for some rest and relaxation. Located in New South Wales, it is a bustling town with so much to offer to curious explorers and tourists alike. Here are 10 things to do in Armidale during spring:

1. Explore the different tourist spots in the city.

Armidale is home to rich culture and heritage, and it is a must to explore the city especially if it’s your first time there. A Guided Heritage Tour will give you a two-and-a-half-hour journey around Armidale. There are also numerous art galleries and museums that showcase the culture and history of this beautiful city. 

2. Go on a food tour.

There is a wide array of restaurants in this city for you to choose from, all catering to the tourists’ different tastes. Being able to taste the culture of Armidale from its food and drink is quite an experience. You can also visit the local wineries and vineyards and buy or pick berries of your own. The local farmer’s market is a chance to get a fresh taste of the different delicacies this city has to offer.

3. Enjoy the scenic parks.

If you’re looking for some downtime, Armidale has a lot of local parks within walking distance or a short drive from the many Armidale motels. You can read a book, walk around the park, relax, enjoy the scenery, and just breathe in the fresh spring air.

4. Explore the natural wonders of Armidale.

Take full advantage of the spring season and get in touch with nature by exploring Armidale’s national parks and lookout points. The Ebor Falls, Wollomombi Falls, and the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park are a few of the many natural wonders you can visit here in Armidale.

5. Go on an outdoor adventure.

If you’re looking for adventure, there are so many things to do in the outdoors around Armidale! You can go biking, hiking, mountain/rock climbing, kayaking, and fishing in the different national parks and recreational areas.

10 Things to do in Armidale during Spring -

6. Play sports.

Want to stay fit or try a new sport? The University of New England’s sports facility, SportsUNE, has a gym, climbing wall, tennis and squash courts, and many more. It is open to both the community and visitors for seven days a week. The Armidale Tourist Park also offers a mini golf area, tennis courts, and a heated swimming pool.

7. Attend a concert or a musical.

As a city where the performing arts scene thrives, it is highly recommended that you attend the local concerts and drama or musical productions being held at Armidale’s performing arts venues.

8. Explore the nightlife of Armidale.

There are multiple bars and pubs around town that will absolutely make for an interesting night-out. With good food, drinks, and great company, the city of Armidale comes to life at night.

9. Try the helicopter tour.

Being able to tour Armidale from up high is definitely an experience! Take in the spectacular scenery and see the city from a whole different angle with a special helicopter tour.

10. Enjoy the accommodations at Armidale motels.

Armidale motels also boast of great accommodations, facilities, and excellent customer service. They offer affordable rates for visitors, providing comfort with both their rooms and first-class service.

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