How to Prepare for a Road Trip Alone

June 30, 2017 Travel tips

Just because you’re going on a road trip alone, doesn’t mean you’ll be lonely! Road trips are often fun and exciting, especially if you’re cruising down the road with your friends as your favourite music plays in your car. However, road trips aren’t as exhilarating if you are doing it alone. They can get tedious, […]

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Travel Hacks When on a Business Trip

June 8, 2017 Travel tips

Business trips may seem all fun and glamour at the beginning, but they can get tedious at times, especially if you frequently travel for work. Since business trips are all about maximising productivity, individuals must be knowledgeable on the know-how’s of travelling for business. It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling by road or by air; […]

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Best Restaurants to Try in Armidale

April 3, 2017 Travel tips

Find the best restaurants in Armidale, all accessible from your motel accommodation. Whether you have booked your Armidale accommodation already or you are still in the process of planning for the trip, it is good to know which restaurants are regarded as the best places to eat in town. From calm morning coffees to night […]

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Packing Tips for a weekend getaway

March 25, 2017 Travel tips

Are you planning to have a breather and go on a much needed weekend getaway in Armidale? Have you already booked your Armidale accommodation but has not started with packing? Do you want to make the trip hassle-free by keeping your baggage light, organised, and manageable? Here are some tips on how to pack your […]

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Tips for a Road Trip to Armidale

March 15, 2017 Travel tips

Your next road trip to Armidale is going to be classic when you take note of these tips and hacks. With its vastness, there is no doubt that Australia is one of the best places for road tripping. If you are planning to visit Armidale on a road trip, you are sure to find the […]

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