Visiting Armidale in Different Seasons

Visiting Armidale in Different Seasons
September 19, 2016 Armidale

Visiting Armidale in Different Seasons

Armidale is arguably among the most beautiful places in NSW. A favourite travel destination that caters to all travellers of all ages. Whether you are looking for some relaxing and laidback me-time, a family getaway, or a new adventure, the place has something for you.

Get ready to be mesmerised by Armidale. Below, we have listed several activities that travellers of every kind are sure to enjoy. If you need help planning your travel itinerary or you just want to have an idea of things to do in Armidale, read on to find out more.

  • Nature lovers’ haven
    Armidale is known for its lush green landscapes and beautiful waterways. There are several walking tracks that will fill your desire for nature. Outdoorsy people can pick from Green Gully Walking Track, Tea Tree Falls Walking Track, or the Armidale Pine Forest. Just bring your comfiest walking shoes and your wandering soul, and you are all set.

    Armidale is also home to beautiful falls like the Wollomombi Falls and Dangar Falls. Feast your eyes with the picturesque views of these cascading waters.
  • A hub for arts and culture enthusiasts
    Arts and cultural activities abound in Armidale. Travellers who are into art and culture have a lot of options. You can choose to visit the Armidale Museum of Antiquities, the Folk Museum, the Booloominbah Historic House, or join the Armidale Heritage Tours.The Saumarez Homestead is also worth the tour, as is the Hillgrove. If you find yourself in Armidale on a weekend, you can visit the New England Regional Museum which is open on Sundays. There are numerous activities to choose from, it is for you to decide.
  • Unforgettable family getaways
    Armidale prides itself on being a family destination. Your family will not run out of activities. There are picnic areas like Wollomombi Gorge and Falls where your family can commune with nature. You can also have a family learning experience at the Armidale Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Keeping Place. Dad and the boys will also experience a lot of fun with the Fleeting Helicopters.Your family can also spend a day with the local farmers at the Armidale Farmers’ Market. And if food is a way of family bonding, try to experience the New England Foodie Trail with the whole family.

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