Best Restaurants to Try in Armidale

April 3, 2017 Travel tips

Find the best restaurants in Armidale, all accessible from your motel accommodation.

Whether you have booked your Armidale accommodation already or you are still in the process of planning for the trip, it is good to know which restaurants are regarded as the best places to eat in town. From calm morning coffees to night out beers, appetising breakfast foods, great-tasting pies, burgers, and much more, you will surely love your stay in the city. The best thing is that these restaurants lie just around Club Motel Armidale. Yes, the finest foods are just a few minutes away!

5 restaurants to try when in Armidale

Two Goats Café and Baa

Here are the best places to eat in Armidale, in our humble opinion:

1. Two Goats Café and Baa

Just 110m away from the Club Motel Armidale is Two Goats Café and Baa. With the walking distance, this is a surely great place to dine. They have a menu for breakfast, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, and dessert. You may also choose from a variety of beverages – whether you feel like something cold or hot, or wine, beer or cocktails.

The place is made even better with live music, with different acts performing regularly.

Make sure you try this restaurant near your Armidale accommodation – they are open from Wednesday to Sunday!


2. Bistro on Cinders

Located just behind the Armidale Post office at 14 Cinders Lane is Bistro on Cinders. Here, you can experience the wonderful taste of cultural crossover through their variety of food choices including Australian, Mediterranean, and Asian dishes. They do not disappoint when it comes to their seasonal menus, bringing fresh and exciting offers to their customers. Aside from that, the place is nothing short of beautiful; it provides a cosy feeling whether you choose to dine indoors or enjoy the sun in their courtyard.

3. The Two Brothers Café

If you are looking for a kid-friendly café or simply a place suitable for groups, The Two Brothers Café is a good choice. They offer different pies and cakes which are altogether delicious. They also serve burgers, sandwiches, pasta, coffee, and ice cream.

Since your motel accommodation in Armidale makes for easy access to spots like the Armidale Plaza, be sure to drop by this restaurant at 195-197 Beardy Street. Do not miss their delightful breakfast and lunch meals!


4. Addy’s on Marsh

Craving for pizza or something Italian? Worry no more as Addy’s on Marsh will definitely satisfy your appetite. They have an incredible set of gourmet pizzas and calzones, not to mention their delicious kinds of pasta and salads. This restaurant totally fits for a dinner date or casual dining.

Visit Addy’s on Marsh at 2/110 Marsh Street, just 300m away from your Club Motel Armidale accommodation.

The Coughing Gherkin5. The Coughing Gherkin

The Coughing Gherkin is a definite yes for people who like the fresh and flavourful food at a low price. The restaurant’s specialties include Mexican food, tapas, and pizza. They also offer healthy meals free of gluten and dairy, and other dishes that suit vegetarian and vegan diets. Kids also get great food options with the restaurant’s Tiny Gherks’ menu.

If you dine here with family or friends, try their large group menu. This is especially made for sharing and is good for 4-10 people. Note that for groups with over 10 persons, it is advisable that these meals are pre-ordered.

You can call The Coughing Gherkin for reservations and dine with them at 1/117 Beardy Street, Armidale.

An accommodation Armidale for foodies

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