Best Spots to Dine in Armidale after a Long Day of Adventure

Best Spots to Dine in Armidale after a Long Day of Adventure
October 17, 2016 Armidale

It sure is enjoyable to roam around the beautiful city of Armidale, with its breathtaking sights and the thrills that come with it. But beyond the sights are the most friendly and hospitable people who will welcome you to enjoy the city’s magnificent views. But did you know that aside for the wonderful accommodation Armidale has to offer, the food in the city is not only at par to world standards, but will also make your taste buds delight in the scrumptious feast offered in the area.

If you’ve already planned for your accommodation in Armidale and booked most of your activities, make sure to stop by these places to quell your hungry tummies after quite a long day of adventure.

Best Spots to Dine in Armidale

Fresh Picks at Fresh@110

Craving delicious beef pies and other mouth-watering pastries? Satisfy your hunger and stop by Fresh@110. Pair your nosh with their freshly-brewed coffee, and enjoy the company of fellow adventurers whilst being served by friendly hosts. 

Fresh@110 is just a good ten minutes away from Club Motel Armidale, at 110 Dangar Street.

Winner Dinner at Blackjacks

If you are looking for a nightcap after a long day out, Blackjacks is the place for you. From coffee to sweet and savoury pastries to mouth-watering burgers and healthy greens, you will be going back to your Armidale motel happy and filled. 

Blackjacks is located just a stone’s throw away from Club Motel Armidale, at 146 Marsh Street.

Seek Relaxing Sanctuary at The Welder’s Dog

Not far from Blackjacks is 120 Marsh Street, where you’ll find the melting pot of all things that will satisfy your hunger. The Welder’s Dog serves a wide array of craft beers, vinos, and other libations. If you fancy a mug of cold beer, or a glass of wine or two, after a day’s hike before settling in your Armidale motel, this watering hole is ready to serve you. Because there are a lot of food stores near the area, you can bring your own grub and enjoy your drink in the bar. Sounds fun, eh?

Go El Mexicano at Pablo’s Cantina and Taqueria

From Armidale to Mexico? Possible. Dine in at Pablo’s Cantina and Taqueria before heading back to your Armidale accommodation and enjoy the authentic Mexican dishes they offer. Order their famous nachos, or a burrito served with freshly-cooked pulled beef or pork. What’s more, they also have a special menu to cater to vegans! Absolutely amazing, isn’t it?

Pablo’s Cantina and Taqueria is also located at 120 Marsh Street.

Go El Mexicano at Pablo’s Cantina and Taqueria

Steaks and Chops at The Bistro Grill

So hungry that you can eat a horse or two after a day’s worth of adventure? Stop by The Bistro Grill and satisfy that hunger with an enormous steak, and entrees that are oh so filling yet truly healthy. They also serve vegetarian and diet-friendly dishes that will have you crave for more.

The Bistro Grill is conveniently located at 92/96 Dumaresq Street, quite near your favourite Armidale accommodation.

Great tasting food at the Red Grapevine Restaurant and Bar

Looking for a family-friendly dining spot near Armidale should not be hard. At Red Grapevine, you can be sure that adventure seekers of all ages will enjoy what they have in their menu before they call it a day. Red Grapevine not only serves great tasting pizza, pasta and desserts, their nightly performers will also keep you and your mates entertained. 

Red Grapevine Restaurant and Bar is at 113 Jessie Street.

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Don’t forget, after closing your booking with your favourite motel accommodation at Armidale, plan a trip to any or all of these places. Go and treat yourself and your best mates to a sumptuous meal. We promise, your tummy will thank you for it!

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