Have a Happily Ever After with these Armidale Wedding Ideas

Have a Happily Ever After with these Armidale Wedding Ideas -
May 18, 2017 Events in Armidale

Have a Happily Ever After with these Armidale Wedding Ideas -

Make your wedding more special by choosing Armidale.

Two people committing themselves to each other in a wedding ceremony is one of the life’s greatest highlights. Whether you’re tying the knot or planning the wedding of a friend, the start of the wedding experience begins with preparations. You need to have the perfect theme and a venue that reflects the love story. It would be great if the venue can showcase the personalities of the bride and groom, or show a hint of their relationship’s history in Armidale.

Here in Armidale, there’s something for any type of wedding theme. You can have a religious wedding in a church and then have the reception at a venue that’s adventurous, simple or sweet, depending on your taste. You can also have a civil ceremony outdoors.

Historic day at historic buildings

Have a Happily Ever After with these Armidale Wedding Ideas -Because a wedding redefines a person’s life and opens up a new chapter, you can celebrate the occasion in old buildings and cathedrals that are home to a rich history. You’ll be adding your wedding to the story behind the architecture of these old buildings.

The historic buildings and cathedrals here in Armidale are the perfect background for the wedding ceremony, or for a pre- and post-wedding photoshoot with friends and family. All you need to do is contact the management of these buildings to secure a reservation.

Saumarez Homestead is a popular venue for hosting ceremonies and get-togethers. This National Trust Building has the grace and style of a stately Edwardian Mansion. Your whole party can be hosted in this expansive venue, which includes a function centre and a wide garden.

You can even match the theme of your wedding – from the gowns and suits to the food and the décor — to the backdrop. You’ll have one unique and memorable celebration.

Sweet inspired garden wedding

Holding a wedding ceremony in the park, followed by an intimate picnic, would be perfect for a simple yet gorgeous celebration. There are many public and private parks in Armidale which can host your party.Have a Happily Ever After with these Armidale Wedding Ideas -

For example, the Armidale Bicentennial Arboretum is a heritage-listed park that’s popular for a formal function. You and your loved ones will be surrounded by thousands of shrubs and trees, with picnic shelters, walking tracks and aquatic gardens. You’ll only have to book the place with the Council beforehand.

Central Park is another favourite place for formal public ceremonies, including weddings. The rich foliage gives an intimate and cool climate to any party. For a more open space, another choice is the Civic Park.

Since the venue is nature-inspired, you can design your wedding celebration to suit the surroundings. Bohemian-styled outfits and an abundance of flowers would add that extra soft touch to the wedding.

Celebrate with art

Have a Happily Ever After with these Armidale Wedding Ideas -For the bride and groom with modern or artistic souls, celebrating in a non-traditional venue can be ideal. A unique and contemporary venue would be a museum or gallery here in Armidale.

A museum which hires out its venue is the Armidale Aboriginal Cultural Centre. They even have catering available. Your wedding will be surrounded by the rich history and beauty of traditional aboriginal paintings, archaeological displays, and artefacts.

Infuse a touch of culture to every part of your wedding to make it special.

Classic party in a club

There are many venues and function halls in Armidale. Most of them have catering available, as well as professional teams that are ready to assist you.

A venue that has hosted many events for families and organisations through the years is the Armidale City Bowling Club. They have years of experience in wedding planning, and they offer different wedding packages so you don’t have to worry about the details.Have a Happily Ever After with these Armidale Wedding Ideas -

From planning the wedding reception to consulting on preferred wedding services and suppliers, you’ll be comforted by the convenience of hosting at Armidale City Bowling Club. This function centre is also right opposite Club Motel Armidale.

You have the freedom to decide what kind of unique theme the wedding and reception will have.

Club Motel Armidale offers the perfect Armidale accommodation

Whether you are staying as a tourist or as a wedding guest of a friend, you’ll find everything that Armidale has to offer within your reach at Club Motel Armidale. It’s a top choice for accommodation in Armidale as it’s centrally-located. It’s near several restaurants, the mall and the Armidale City Bowling Club.

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