Must see places in Armidale

Must see places in Armidale -
March 4, 2016 Travel

Must see places in Armidale -

Armidale, a region of New England, is located between Sydney and Brisbane in Australia. It is a city with the highest altitude and a host of natural wonders. These include the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia with over fifty rainforests and which have earned a World Heritage status.

Armidale is likewise surrounded by cultural and historical facilities. It is also home to a globally- known learning institution, the University of New England, enabling the city to earn the reputation of being a centre of academic excellence.

When in Armidale, you will definitely have a grand time visiting many of its great places. Here are some of those must-see places in this city.

Oxley Wild Rivers National Park

This national park house is an ideal place for camping, fishing and walking. In it are waterfalls, gorge, rivers, rainforest and wildlife. It has about 14 waterfalls and a wide array of plants and animals, including some endangered species.

New England National Park

This park offers majestic views, amazing walking and accommodation spaces. From here, you can admire the beauty of sunrise and enjoy hiking or having a picnic with your loved ones.

Dorrigo National Park

The park is popular for its several walking tracks where hikers get to enjoy the sight  of the waterfalls and vistas. It is also known for its Skywalk which is an elevated walkway over the treetops. In here, visitors can have a great view of the life of the local birds.  

Cathedral Rock National Park

Located on the eastern part of Armidale is this national park where visitors get treated to a magnificent view of a wilderness landscape, granite outcrops and dry eucalypt forest. The place offers great spaces for picnics, camping, walking and bird watching. Here is where you will also get the chance to see lots of kangaroos.

Mount Yarrowyck Nature Reserve       

This rocky mountain, with an elevation of 1153 meters, boasts many bushes and various types of flora and fauna. Some truly ancient rocks and an aboriginal cave painting site are located here, making it a favourite place among the explorers residing or just visiting Armidale.

Wollomombi Falls campground and picnic area

The location offers a stunning scenery of the Wollomombi falls and also of its massive gorge. Camping and picnic enthusiasts will truly enjoy their stay here as they get mesmerised by the sight of one of the tallest waterfalls in Australia.

New England Regional Art Museum

Acclaimed as the ‘ jewel in the crown ‘ of the regional gallery network of Australia, this museum houses a vast collection of the great works of Australian, English, European and even Armidale’s local contemporary artists. In it are renowned collections of the 20th-century art.

New England Wine Region

This addition to the 60 other recognised Australian wine regions was registered in January 2008. Wine experts claim that this new region produces wines distinctively and has lots to offer, as brought by Armidale’s  difference in altitude, the degree of slope, soil type and cool winters.

Sumarez Homestead

It is a big property and a historical place with the main building consisting of almost, 30 rooms, plus some other small buildings surrounding it.  To allow visitors to relive the past, a dirt track, old houses and stables can be seen around. The place has become a favourite venue for weddings and other special events.

Waterfall Way

This 191 km route is no ordinary road that connects Armidale and Belligen as it offers some of the amazing views of New South Wales. Found along this road are seven of Armidale’s national parks, lots of waterfalls, rainforest and a spectacular view of the flourishing countryside.

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