Packing Tips for a weekend getaway

Packing Tips for a weekend getaway -
March 25, 2017 Travel tips

Packing Tips for a weekend getaway -

Are you planning to have a breather and go on a much needed weekend getaway in Armidale? Have you already booked your Armidale accommodation but has not started with packing? Do you want to make the trip hassle-free by keeping your baggage light, organised, and manageable? Here are some tips on how to pack your bag for your next weekend trip.

1. Draft your list of essentials.

Before anything else, prepare a list of all the things that you will need to bring for the trip. Know beforehand the expected weather of your destination, including the different festivities, events, or activities happening at the time of your visit. By preparing a list, you will be able to cut down on items that are no longer needed. You will also have a way to know if you have forgotten something to put in your bag by checking the list that you made.

2. Minimise the number of clothes that you will bring.

Always remind yourself that you will only be gone for the weekend. Bring clothes that you are sure you will wear to the places you’ll go to. Minimise your baggage by picking clothes with solid colours. Stay away from prints and patterns so that you can easily make combinations. You should consider foregoing bulky clothes and instead go for the small and light ones. Most of the time, only one coat or sweater is needed in case the temperature gets cold. Choose the one that can match your outfits easily

3. Bring extra undergarments.

Extra undergarments are very useful for any kind of trip. They consume significantly less space than other kinds of clothing. At least two sets of undergarments are needed for the weekend. Add one or two extra sets in case of emergency. Check the items that are usually forgotten like pyjamas and socks.

4. Bring all-around shoes.

When picking the type of shoes to bring, go for the ones that are durable and neutrally coloured. The shoes should be able to keep you comfortable when wearing them for a long duration of time. They should be compatible with the clothes that you have prepared. If you are going to bring more than one pair of shoes, wear the bulkier one and put the other one in your baggage.

5. Minimise the size of your toiletries.

Visit your local supermarket to check if they sell toiletries that are made for travelling. These are usually packaged in small containers. Essentials include body soap, facial wash, shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant. You may also check items for grooming made to be travel-friendly such as toothbrush and comb.

6. Check your Armidale accommodation.

Choosing Armidale motels is great, there are plenty of choices for all budgets. Check the amenities of your chosen Armidale accommodation to see if you need to bring anything that is not available.

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