Snacking on the Road

Snacking on the Road
January 19, 2017 Uncategorized, Road trip

The Best and Worst Snacks You Can Bring

Road trip to Armidale. The Best and Worst Snacks You Can Bring

Finally, you and your family get to have the dream vacation you have been looking forward to all year. Are you looking for a place to go where you can maximise your limited time, take advantage of great sceneries, and enjoy cheap motel accommodations? Then a road trip to Armidale is what you need!

A lot of accommodation in Armidale is offered at an affordable price, so it’s a great place for a family vacation. If you are now decided on going on a road trip, then make sure that you do not forget to make the proper preparations, including the essential car snacks you and your kids will gobble while on the road. To get you started, here are some of the best and worst food items that you need to take note of.

What you must bring on your way to your Armidale accommodation

  • Food items that do not need to be stored in refrigerators or coolers.

These are the items that won’t spoil easily, making them ideal for a long trip. This will also save space in the trunk of your car.

  • Baked goods

Food items that have been packaged and labelled beforehand will make your road trip a lot smoother.

  • Veggies

This may not be an obvious choice, but road trips present a perfect opportunity to make your kids like fruits and vegetables. Make sure to present them in various shapes, textures, and colours. You can try melons paired with yoghurt laced with honey as a dipping sauce.

  • Pretzels, biscuits and granola bars.

These food items, when given in moderation, are a good replacement for potato chips. They are easy to eat, not messy, and provide great flavour.

  • Small sandwiches that are divided into quarters.

Cutting sandwiches into small and manageable sizes will make it easier for the kids to consume them. Reducing the number of greens in the sandwich will also reduce the chances of making the sandwich look soggy and unappetising.

  • Hard-boiled eggs

These will surely nourish your kids and keep them filled with a good amount of time. They are also easy to pack.

  • Grapes

A bunch of grapes can be easily prepared by just rinsing them with water and cutting them into tinier bunches. All you need is a plastic bag to keep them secured on your road trip.

Foods that you should not bring on your way to your Armidale accommodation

  • Foods with high sugar content

Food items with a lot of sugar are a big no-no especially if you will start your road trip at night. Your kids will have a hard time catching some sleep while they are experiencing a sugar rush.

  • Too much liquid

The amount should be just enough to quench your thirst, but not cause a continuous need for bathroom breaks.

  • Food items that have lids or need utensils to consume

They are highly likely to create a mess once your kids accidentally drop them on the floor.

Food items that are hard to divide. Snacks needing to be divided are highly likely to make a mess in your car. Prepare them in bite size pieces or on a one serving per person basis.

Finding a comfortable and affordable Armidale accommodation

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