Sporting Events to Enjoy When in Armidale

Sporting Events to Enjoy When in Armidale
January 3, 2017 Sporting Events

Sporting Events to Enjoy When in Armidale

Residents of Armidale have a deep passion for sport. This city has an estimated population of roughly 26,000 residents, which has seen the development of world-class sports facilities. At present, Armidale has 8 ovals for cricket, a modern indoor arena, 22 outdoor netball courts, 50 tennis courts, an Olympic-sized pool, and a gymnastics centre.

If you love sports, then you might want to consider checking out the incredible sports facilities the people of this city have available. Don’t forget to also book your Armidale accommodation as early as you can so you can take advantage of big discounts!

Play hockey and other ball games in Armidale

Prestigious athletes from all parts of the country often come to train at the University of New England and even share their skills in the sport with the residents of Armidale.

For instance, the famous Parramatta Eels, attended a training session before the season starts in a wonderful Armidale. They also held a coaching clinic for young athletes. The hockey games at Armidale attract players of all ages. This is because the synthetic fields in Armidale are unperturbed by the extreme weather conditions the city experiences from time to time.

Other games such as cricket, rugby, football, and netball are also highly popular. There’s something going on most weekends.

Play golf in Armidale

If you are a person who highly admires Tiger Woods and, more recently, Jason Day, and would want to follow their path, then you should go book your accommodation in Armidale and spend some time here. This is because there is no other better place for a golf-lover than Armidale!

The golf club in this city welcomes everyone to play social or professional rounds on its spectacular 18-hole championship golf course that is bordered by a native bush land. The golf course poses quite a challenge to golf enthusiasts having 25 bunkers to protect the greenery.


Be adventurous with nature sports in Armidale

Are you looking for a sport that will definitely send adrenaline rushing through your veins? This city is home to gorgeous national parks where you can hike, go rock climbing, or participate in abseiling expeditions. These nature trips hugely vary in difficulty.

Kayaking in rivers in Armidale may become an extreme experience, especially after heavy rainfall. If you prefer more peaceful waters, then the Dumaresq Dam or Malpas Dam should be your choice of venue for a nature trip. The Malpas Dam serves as a training ground for the New England Sailing Club, and it residents holds a sailboat competition on Sundays in summer. No matter what Armidale accommodation you choose, there will surely be a nearby place for adventure that you can go to.

Have a nice play to relax after playing sports in Armidale

Club Motel Armidale understands the great joy a person feels when they play sports in Armidale. This is why we are happy to offer comfortable motel accommodation in Armidale with huge, modernised rooms. You will surely need a nice place to relax in after a long day of heart-stopping competitive sports.

All of our accommodation in Armidale is situated on the ground floor to make them easily accessible. The parking is right outside so that you can immediately go to your next sporting event in no time. We offer the best rates for motel accommodation Armidale without compromising the quality of service that we provide. All the rooms are maintained in top condition while adding a bit of luxuriousness in the area.

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