Tips for a Road Trip to Armidale

Tips for a Road Trip to Armidale -
March 15, 2017 Travel tips

road tripping Armidale

Your next road trip to Armidale is going to be classic when you take note of these tips and hacks.

With its vastness, there is no doubt that Australia is one of the best places for road tripping. If you are planning to visit Armidale on a road trip, you are sure to find the adventure you are looking for. No matter where you are coming from, keep in mind these tips and hacks for a more unforgettable road trip to your lovely Armidale accommodation.

1. Plan and prepare ahead of time.

Set an ample time for planning and plot your road trip weeks, even months before. Be organised. Check the total driving hours and allow time for sightseeing and other activities you wish to try along the way. Search for places to visit and make reservations if possible. For example, if you are from Toowoomba, you might want to travel to Port Macquarie to explore some beaches. However, you might also like to try visiting local sites. So, book at an Armidale motel, somewhere centrally located with nearby spots to go to, like Club Motel Armidale.

You can be spontaneous too. Just make sure you download the right mobile apps so play your road trip music!it can help you with routes and in finding stops and local attractions. Some of these apps include Field Trip, GasBuddy, Gogobot, and of course, Google Maps.

If you are travelling alone, ensure you have a place to stop or sleep. If you have someone with you who can also drive, manage your time and take turns behind the wheel.

2. Clean your car.

For a more comfortable road trip, you should clean your car first and throw away the rubbish that has been piling up in there. Dispose of empty food wrappers or plastics and wipe off food stains from the seats. It is important that you make the vehicle enjoyable because who knows how long your road trip will take, right? For instance, if you want to travel from Adelaide to Club Motel Armidale, that will take you 17 hours of driving. In those hours, you want to ride in a vehicle that is tidy enough for you to be relaxed and at ease, yes?

Along with cleaning your car, it is also essential that you ensure it can handle the adventure you are moving towards for. Check the gas, brakes, and tyres. It’s a good idea to have a small toolbox in your car that can help you in a case of minor problems during the trip. Make sure the spare tyre is fully inflated.

3. Entertain yourself.

As much as you have to focus on driving, it is also a must that you keep yourself entertained throughout the drive. Have your favourite road trip music and play it while you travel. Try to enjoy the moment – it will keep you more alert on the road. It also makes the long hours bearable, especially when your companion enjoys the music, too!

4. Bring food, water, and toiletries with you.

It’s a holiday, you have booked a motel accommodation in Armidale and you are coming from Melbourne. Considering the 13-hour drive, you must be ready with snacks and water so you don’t keep making unnecessary stops just to buy another pack of chips.

It is also wise that you bring toiletries with you, especially when you are coming with a toddler.

Book your armidale accommodation

Book your Armidale accommodation for a hassle-free road trip!

Best to book in advance so you can just rest when you get to your destination. One of the top accommodations in Armidale is Club Motel Armidale. It is built with spacious and comfortable rooms, perfect for clients seeking for peace and quiet. Whether you travel for business or for pleasure, this motel is just the right place for you. Being centrally located, you can easily enjoy a handful of sites in the city and then come home to a relaxing modern motel ambience. Reserve your accommodation today at Club Motel Armidale and get ready for a vacation to remember.

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