Tips When Going to Wollomombi Falls

Tips When Going to Wollomombi Falls
December 15, 2016 Armidale

Tips When Going to Wollomombi Falls

Armidale is abundant with parks, gardens, and other fascinating views offered by Mother Nature. Wollomombi Falls is one of the most scenic places located in Armidale. The breathtaking sight is so beautiful, that tourists flock the place, especially after a heavy downpour when the view is much more captivating. 

But how exactly can you get to Wollomombi Falls from your Armidale accommodation? Find out how and more below.

When is the best time to go and book your Armidale accommodation?

Before booking your Armidale motel accommodation and planning your trip to Wollomombi Falls, it is best to know what weather to expect when you get there. Spring will bring out more of nature’s colour through the flowers and the greens, while winter is perfect for brisk walking and embracing the fresh air. Summer will bring out the best view of Wollomombi Falls and will even indulge visitors with a rainbow when the summer rains end, while the autumn breeze is quite comfortable, as it is neither too hot or too cold.

Have you decided when to go yet?

How to get to Wollomombi Falls

Don’t worry, Wollomombi Falls is just thirty minutes or 38 kilometres away from your favourite motel accommodation in Armidale. On the way to the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park where the waterfalls are, you will be welcomed by towering trees dancing with the wind. The road that leads to the place is paved, ensuring that you’ll get there safe and relaxed.

You can park at the Wollomombi Falls campground and picnic area, or at Edgars Lookout Road. Wheelchair-assisted travellers may experience a bit of a challenge, though, as the park’s pavements are uneven.

What to bring and not to bring?

If you are planning the trip to Wollomombi Falls, be sure to pack your basic essentials like medications, drinking water, and insect repellent. It will also help if you come prepared with a poncho or an umbrella for sudden rain showers while basking in the view. Bird watchers and animal lovers alike will also enjoy the different species of mammals in the national park, more so if binoculars are utilised for the trip. Yes, you can bring your mobile phones to capture all the images from the trip, but remember that mobile phone signal in the park is quite low to none.

To preserve the beauty of nature, smoking is prohibited in all areas of Wollomombi Falls and the whole national park. Pets are also prohibited from entering the area to protect the existing wildlife in the area.

Things to do in Wollomombi Falls

Certainly, you will not only enjoy the wondrous sights of Wollomombi Falls. The campground and picnic area is the place you want to be when you feel that you need a breather from all the views you enjoyed. Leave all your cares behind and enjoy a barbecue or two with your mates, just be sure to bring your own firewood. 

If you’re more inclined to explore beyond the waterfalls, you can hike the Wollomombi walking track. There you will see more of what nature can offer, from more wild animals to the Wollomombi River. If you are still willing to go far, you may cross the track and see the beautiful Chandlers waterfalls in the same area. The Wollomombi walking track is a Grade 3 level, which means it is suitable for hikers of all ages and fitness experiences.

What are you waiting for? Get on your feet and enjoy Armidale beyond its hospitable accommodation!

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