Touring Armidale: What to Do and How to Go Around

Armidale City is the most cosmopolitan, modern and multicultural city in New South Wales aside from Sydney. Located on the Northern Tablelands, there are endless things to do in Armidale. From the art to the parks to the people, to getting around the city and to Armidale accommodation, read more about how you can make your trip a lot more memorable. 

What to do in Armidale

Old city in a modern world

Armidale is known for being one of the most picturesque historic cities in a seasoned traveller’s list. You can’t miss the city’s famous heritage buildings, grand cathedrals, and the tree-lined streets. The sites organically blend in with the more modern architecture of schools, corporate buildings and commercial centres, bringing a breath of old world grace to the city and its people.

For maximum enjoyment, go to Armidale during the season that suits you best. The city blooms with red and other warm colours during the autumn, and you can also go for the crispness of winter, freshness of spring or warmth of summer.

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Vibrant scene for arts and culture 

The city is never quiet when it comes to the promotion of culture. For museums, you can check out the Armidale Art Gallery, New England Regional Art Museum, Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Keeping Place, and more. You can also just appreciate the city’s integration of state-of-the-art technology and natural beauty as you walk around.

And the spirit of the people always remains vibrant with regular community events. Be sure to check out the city calendar, so you won’t miss out on the Autumn Festival, regular fun runs, film festivals and more. 

Seamless blend with nature

Any Armidale local would be sure to recommend one of the many beautiful parks situated across the city. Walk quietly through New England National Park, Guy Fawkes National Park and many more, and enjoy a beautiful day in Armidale. 

Breathing fresh air and taking a break from the stress of touring are easy to do in Armidale City. 

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Convenient ways to get around Armidale

Armidale Airport is 8kms away from Armidale’s town centre, and getting a taxi service for the short trip would be fine. Or you could also rent a car to go around the city at your own pace. Mountain biking is a pretty famous hobby here in Armidale City, but you can go around the city in more conventional bikes. There are a lot of bicycle centres to hire a bike from.

After going around the city and seeing what Armidale has to offer, you’ve got to make sure you’re staying at a motel that’s convenient, safe and relaxing. Choosing Armidale hotels can be a bit tricky, especially if you have no knowledge or expertise. But trust us when we say that when visiting Armidale, book only at Club Motel Armidale. 

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