Experience Culture and Art at Armidale

Experience Culture and Art at Armidale
November 15, 2016 Armidale

Experience Culture and Art at Armidale

Are you a big fan of paintings and contemporary art? Do you enjoy learning about a place’s history and rich culture? Are plays, musicals, and other performing arts your cup of tea? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then start booking Club Motel Armidale as your Armidale accommodation because Armidale is the perfect place to go to on your next weekend getaway! This humble city in New England High County takes pride in its rich heritage and fine arts. Museums, theatres, and galleries are all over the place, waiting to enrich your senses and satisfy your curiosity.

While you are busy arranging your Armidale accommodation, we’ve done the honours and compiled a list of some of the different activities and places to visit in Armidale if you are into culture and the arts.


Armidale’s rich heritage and culture

Museums and galleries are a stone throw away from most Armidale accommodation. Learn about ancient history and see great archaeological finds by visiting the University of New England’s Museum of Antiquities. The university’s collections of rare books and manuscripts, musical instruments, and art pieces are diverse and grand in scale.

If you want to experience Australia’s aboriginal culture and arts, then you should definitely visit the Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Keeping Place Inc. or ACCKP. This community-based centre provides activities for visitors of all ages. It has a gallery, an interactive space for children, a bush tucker walk, a musical section, a movie area, a gift shop, and even a cafe that serves native-flavoured treats.

Many Armidale accommodation, like Club Motel Armidale, can recommend other current enriching cultural and heritage tours for you and your family.

Contemporary and fine arts in Armidale

Whether you are an artist looking for new inspirations or someone who just enjoys and appreciates art, Armidale’s galleries and art museums will surely take your breath away. Make sure to drop by the New England Regional Art Museum to see thousands of artworks by artists like Chandler Coventry and Howard Hinton. Up-and-coming local artists often hold exhibits of their work at the Armidale Art Gallery, where group activities and workshops are also offered. Ask your Armidale accommodation about current exhibits or workshops during your visit.

Performance arts in Armidale

Vibrant musical performances and plays are abundant in the city of Armidale. Watch amateur and professional musicians, companies, bands and performers showcase their talents at the New England Conservatorium of Music. The Hoskins Centre is Armidale’s newest and hippest venue for music, visual and theatre performances. It is home to different local theatre companies and it offers workshops and educational programs to the public.

Choose Club Motel Armidale as your Armidale accommodation

When visiting the city, it is important that you choose an accommodation in Armidale that will provide you with all your needs, so that you can spend all your time experiencing the city’s rich and inspiring culture and arts. Club Motel Armidale has always been the top pick when it comes to accommodation in Armidale. Our state-of-the-art rooms and our team of friendly and professional staff will guarantee that your stay in Armidale will be an unforgettable one.   

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