Where to Next: Outdoor Adventures in Armidale

Where to Next: Outdoor Adventures in Armidale
December 14, 2015 Activities, Armidale

Armidale is such an exciting and beautiful place to be in. Located in the Northern Tablelands in NSW, the moment you step in to Armidale, you’ll sure fall in love with every sight you see.

Top things to do in Armidale

There are a number of things you can do in Armidale. The stunning place is surrounded with nature and buildings so you can expect both history and beauty wherever your eyes wander and wherever your feet will take you. Here are the top things that you can do while spending your time in Armidale.

  1. Jump on the Armidale heritage bus tour.

Whether it is your first time or not in Armidale, you should always take the opportunity to jump on the Armidale Heritage Bus Tour, a free guided tour that you’ll sure enjoy. It lasts for around two hours.

Through the bus tour, you will learn about Armidale’s history and its people. During the tour, you can see some dazzling sights like the Booloominbah, a Victorian mansion located at the University of New England.

  1. Visit Petersons Armidale Winery.

Petersons Armidale Winery is a 5-minute drive from town. You’ll be welcomed with a picturesque driveway which will lead to the cellar. The garden is impressive and it’s quite a beautiful place where you can enjoy some wine with your loved one. Be sure to buy a bottle of vintage Shiraz!

  1. Visit New England Brewery.

Are you looking to sample some craft beer in Australia? Then your best destination is the New England Brewery. You’ll be treated with the ultimate experience in beer tasting.

  1. Check out Gostwyck Chapel.

Also known as “All Saints Anglican Church”, Gostwyck Chapel in Uralla was built in memory of Major Clive Collingwood Dangar, a soldier who lost his life during World War I. Constructed in 1921, the beautiful church is surrounded by magnificent trees to make you feel relaxed and peaceful.

  1. Drive through the scenic Waterfall Way.

The Waterfall Way is a 191-kilometre route from Armidale down to Coffs Harbour on the coast. The sights along are fascinating and awe-inspiring, you’ll sure want more!

Armidale accommodation you won’t regret

Before you plan your trip to Armidale, be sure to choose a motel Armidale which can provide you a comfortable and convenient stay while in Armidale. There are a lot of motels in Armidale. Among all Armidale motel, your stay is guaranteed to be unforgettable with Club Motel Armidale.

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